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Started 2019-07-17 22:03

Greetings! I am the "SysOp" of this website, a title bestowed upon those who operated the BBSes of yesteryear. I plan to capture the adventuring and sharing spirit of those dial-up systems within this site and add on a slew of modern conveniences for us digital pioneers.

Within this blog I'll document my trials, adventures and progress in building the site. Actually this will be the first DIY project to be discussed within this site. Unfortunately for the time being its going to be an awfully one-sided discussion.

To that end as soon as I had the machinery in place I started writing blog entries, going back to the beginning and hitting the highlights of my progress. With the software I've written it should be fairly easy to keep updating this as I progress.

Stay tuned...

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Taking Time to Guard the Borders

2021-04-24 10:17:37 Posted in: Cyber Security, SysOp; 0 comments

I was in the midst of building up a better OOP approach to pages when I felt an overwhelming need to check traffic in and out of my home-office network. These past few months has proven that the enemy is not just cyber-criminals, but also big-tech companies. But the scope of concern is still greater! Even Open Source software (Chromium, Thunderbird, Firefox, apps packaged with Chromium, ...) make requests across the Internet I never asked them to make. So what's up with them? What are they saying? Who are they contacting? Is there some software on my network I'm not aware of? Are there more things I should be blocking?

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Persistent database connections!

2021-04-05 13:00:00 Posted in: SysOp, Website; 0 comments

I've been having problems with infrequent random 500 pages. This came to a head as I was experimenting with creating some pages for an as-yet-to-be-seen portion of the site. This is something I thought I had fixed. Well it was no longer a hard fail. But it was still happening. And acting like it was getting cached. Caching a failure?!?! Weird!

But I suspected this was still related to MariaDB server dropping the connection when it was idle for a certain period of time and C++DB not being prepared to handle that. I told it to use the "reconnect" client option! What gives? And has anyone else visited the site and seen this infrequently occurring error, ugly white terse 500 page? I don't do the "80% of the time it works 100% of the time" model. I only do "it works." At least if I can help it. Law 1 & 2 suck!

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The 'Shack and Gitea get Married

2020-10-12 18:00:00 Posted in: SysOp, Website; 0 comments
Please join us for the wedding of

        YE OL' PI SHACK



On Monday, the 12th day of October
in the 51st year of the Unix epoch.

:: wind blows :: :: crickets chirp ::

What?!?! You didn't come?

OK. No invitations were sent, but the work was done. It was an adventure in and of itself but Gitea's users and sessions have been married and adopted into Ye Ol' Pi Shack's. And as usual it took more time and effort fulfilling the dependencies of Gitea than it did to actually find and patch things. It seems nobody does things the way I do (imagine that) and so it took more effort than I had anticipated. Again... imagine that!

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I've made the switch to CppCMS

2020-08-08 10:20:15 Posted in: SysOp, Website; 0 comments

As much as I believe the FreePascal compiler has the best combination of features of the languages I've seen, the libraries available for it are limited and usually of poor quality. I finally decided to take a look around and see if there was another language that had higher quality and larger availability of code. I've spent an awful lot of time fixing every FPC library I get involved with and the bugs seem never ending. On top of that there seems to be a prevailing attitude to add more features long before the current ones are fixed.

Law 2 is a butt kicker in software development and when launching a new software system having good foundational software is a huge contributor to how well things will turn out. So I took a look around, decided to jump back into the C++ pool and take some libraries for a test drive.

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