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ChipMaster at Play A C.H.I.P. wired up to tell time (visually & audibly) plus play some music!

Welcome web travelers. When I was very young my dad woke me up, in the middle of the night, took me to his office and showed me how he could type a BASIC program into a terminal connected to a mainframe computer that could count to ten. I was entranced: a machine that did anything you told it to do... Sometime later a TRS-80 model I level 2 came home. I have been passionate about computers, especially writing software, ever since. So much so I had a boss give me the title "Chip Master".

I am the "SysOp" of this site, which has been keeping me very busy in writing software. Beyond that these are some of the things that I'm involved with:

C.H.I.P. Related Links:

SBCs that interest me since C.H.I.P. died:

  • OrangePi Zero Teensy, very affordable and very useful.
  • NanoPi Can almost compete with the C.H.I.P. in flexibility but at about 2.5x the price. Still less coin than a RaspberryPI.
  • Beagle Bone Black may actually be able to take the place of CHIP in a PocketCHIP.
  • RaspberryPi They have apparently partnered with M$. I have no use for such things and they are hostile to anyone speaking ill of M$. So its a mutual dislike.

My Current favorite MCU:

ATmega328P (aka Arduino chip). I like to use them either on the discontinued, but cloned everywhere, "Pro Mini" boards or just the bare 28pin dip.

My favorite is likely to change as I find more units to play with. But this little guy is seriously flexible and affordable!

More to follow...