Wrestling with Gitea's CSS

Written by SysOp on 2021-02-23 20:59:00 ; 0 comments

I've been embattled with tens of thousands of lines of Gitea's CSS. What a KISS fail! I've made thousands of edits and more overriding styles than all of the CSS in the non-Gitea parts of the site. I even wrote scripts to search & destroy. But its finally beginning to look presentable even though there is still much to change. By the time its all said and done I'll probably have more time into changing style sheets for Gitea than most other single features of the site. But Gitea provides a lot of functionality.

In this time I also put together draft 1 of a logo. So I think its time to take a break from styling things and get back to some features! I can't wait to write real code again!