Computer Quotes, JS and data to go with it

Written by SysOp on 2019-06-12 10:10:46 updated 2019-08-11 08:43:11; 0 comments

Woohoo! I've added a simple little amusement to the top of the "Coming Soon" page. A "quote of the moment" bubble that rotates every minute. Quotes have been pulled mostly from chain-eMails that used to make the rounds years ago. I think that's been replaced by facebook now. I'll be updating the list as I find interesting fodder and this widget will have a home on the finished site. I like it so much I'll have to add it to my in-office server's "home page"!

Its occurred to me regularly over the years that rendering a page with dynamically changing stuff (ads, teasers, ...) which aren't specifically related to the page's content, means that search engines may get the wrong idea about a page. Ever searched for something only to find your keywords are in an unrelated sidebar and the page is completely unrelated to your issue? I have. Many times.

Since async. HTTP(S) calls are now a well refined mechanism I'll use them to fill in the non-subject content, which should hide that content and hopefully provide cleaner search engine results. I know, everyone wants to gain hits even if not relevant. But that's just wrong!

I finished hammering out the core bits for serving widgets. I have my "quote of the moment" setup to use this facility as I flesh it out. I Will need to come up with a packaging mechanism for them. But for now I will alter the fpWeb URL dispatching mechanism to provide better control over the URLs that trigger controllers...