Launched fpWeb based site!

Written by SysOp on 2019-06-08 21:20:32 updated 2019-08-11 08:13:26; 0 comments

banging head This weekend I've been fighting with Apache modules to do FastCGI hosting... I finally found one that actually works. Amazing how much software is released that barely functions. In all fairness the issue could be in the fpWeb framework or the Apache modules. The "Mod-FastCGI" module is what I ended up using. The future of it is dubious. But by the time I will need to be concerned with updates I should have enough happening on the site I'll have moved it to its own VPS and hosted under NginX! I'm tired of Apache...

Due to the module I ended up using the page generator will have to be run as a service. An "init.d" script and "start-stop-daemon" come to the rescue. I know. All the cool kids use SystemD. I guess I'm doomed to be uncool. But SystemD breaks much of what I thought was good when I first made the leap to Linux, like introspection and the reliability that comes from not trying to be smart. Plus SystemD's RAM footprint is just plain gross!

I want to use a single long-lived FastCGI daemon for page generation so that state information can remain in its process. I still might go with something like Memcache and/or Redis for caches and sessions. I'm still deciding how I want to form the service: one monolithic program like MatterMost or Gitea or something akin to a micro-service architecture. But if I gain nothing else from a long-lived service, persistent DB connection pooling will be a BIG advantage. Same with connections to the other services mentioned.

So this marks the first release of the fpWeb based site running live over FastCGI and serving my one static page... albeit using templates to share the look with future pages.

This deployment method is not going to work on your traditional (LAMP) website hosting service. But it works for me.

L@@King for failures...