The Genesis of Ye Ol' Pi Shack

Written by SysOp on 2019-05-25 19:59:08 updated 2019-07-19 07:40:30; 0 comments

In the beginning there was one static page for the Ye Ol' Pi Shack (YOPS)...

I am excited about this idea! I want to start getting it out. So I've scraped together some images of various things I've worked on over the years and built a collage for the front page. I've wrapped it in some static HTML, CSS, ... And later I found some decent looking emojis in the Tango Project, so I replaced the ASCII versions with the images. They aren't quite the style I want so later I'll have to scout for an emoji set in a style more fitting to YOPS.

All in all it looks good to me. So now its on to start building a FAST web framework. None of those interpo-languages (PHP, JS, Ruby, Python, Java, ...) will do. I want something designed to run at the full speed of native machine code! This will require much pioneering, which is what this site is about. But I want to be able to handle a large crowd and not be faced with trying to add on performance after the fact. The site will be built to perform from the start.

NOTE: Not trying to pick on interpreted languages or start some flame war. The fact of the matter is that the process of interpreting code, although more dynamic than a native-code compiler, adds a HUGE amount of overhead to executing code (law 4). Estimates of execution time increases are generally in the 100x to 1,000x range. If you don't believe me just sit down and start to write one and you will see for every instruction to be executed it takes many more to figure out the instruction to execute and how to go about it. Or look at the efforts that have gone into JIT for JS, Java, .NET, ... Or the effort that facebook has put into "HipHop" to compile PHP to native code. I could write volumes of proof on this subject. But I'll step down from my soap box here.

So! Today I started the GIT repo for work on the "Freekin' Fast"™ dynamic web framework!