ChipMaster's trial hacks on C++CMS starting with v1.2.1. Not sure I'll follow on with the v2 since it looks to be breaking and mostly frivolous.
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This is a great framework for writing websites with the C++ language. I want to brag its lightweight and fast... but these terms are seriously abused by other sluggish obese projects making this project nothing short of weightless and lightning. How about an average of 2ms/page generation on modest hardware? Honestly dispatching and rendering pages happens faster than MariaDB can retrieve data!

This is the tool I’m using to write the hand-rolled sections of the “Ye Ol’ Pi Shack” site combined with C++DB for MySQL/MariaDB access.

In this repository I’ll publish my changes to the framework. Right now these are very minimal changes, which are somewhat questionable as to whether they are the right approach. But the upstream author didn’t want to discuss it, leaving me to reverse engineer. Much more of that needs doing before I’m confident. None the less I’m using these changes.

Original upstream source is in the “master” branch and my customizations are in the “yops” branch.


  1. Change built in file server to serve from sub-URLs below /, so the app can land on /.

  2. Change embedded web server’s app handling to allow using "” as an app path so that my app can reside on /.

I use the embeddable web server as my primary means of web development. Compile, run, test, ... Easy peasy! Like Ruby on Rails or Django. In order to do that my web app needs to be mounted to /, as that’s where all websites begin. Hence these patches to allow the embeddable server to be configured like I’d setup Apache or NginX.

I suspect I’ll be revamping all of the URL handling before I’m done.


All bragging aside this is not a CMS in the manner of WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, ... This is simply a tool to field requests, merge templates with data and present the results to a browser. But there are a couple of projects available one may be able to use to get a jump start with: Wiki++ & C++Blog