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Ye Ol’ Pi Shack Blunder Tracking

This is SysOp’s place to keep track of blunders and wishes for the Ye Ol’ Pi Shack project.

NOTE: The use of “Blunder”, instead of “bugs”, comes from two places:

  1. Gary Kildall in his book “Computer Connections”, humurously points out, that “errors” is not the right word for broken software (bugs) since “error” in mathematical terms is a small percentage of deviance from perfection. Most software “errors” take far more effort to fix then it did to write them. Hence they should be called “blunders”.

  2. Grace Hopper is attributed to first applying the term “bug” to computers. In the photograph of her log (at that link) you will see its a physical bug that had caused a physical, ie hardware, malfunction, not software. Yes, the hardware malfunction caused the software to malfunction, but the “bug” was still a hardware malfunction.

So, you see, a “computer bug” is a hardware thing and problems with software are too large to be considered “errors” so I’m using Kildall’s suggestion of “blunder”. :-D